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About Glenny Tracking

My wife, Heather Glenny, and I are both avid hunters. Our family owns a hunting ranch, Quest Haven Lodge, where we also guide and do the marketing. Having access to train our dogs at Quest Haven has been a game changer for producing blood tracking dogs. We still do mock tracks in the off season to train but running your dog on a real track is unbeatable. With the amount of deer we harvest on the ranch, sometimes we get to track a new fresh track daily. 

Why Bavarian Mountain Hounds?

About 13 years ago, I was talking to one of our hunters at Quest Haven. We stumbled upon the discussion of blood tracking dogs and why our lodge should look into training one. The gentleman's name was Chris and he mentioned he used to have a Bavarian, they were hard to get, and by far the best dog he ever had. He said it's one of the few, if not the only, working class dog that could not only do an exceptional job tracking but also be a family pet. He captured my attention, that's the day my search began, which turned into an obsession after learning about the breed. At the time it wasn't legal to track in Pennsylvania but we were aloud to use tracking dogs inside Quest Haven. So when it did become legal to track in PA, Glenny Tracking was one of the few options for hunters across the state.

Our Sire Hunter:

Coming from the deer breeding world, my father in law, Russ Walk Sr, taught me that it's better to pay a little more to get something special and rare. Especially when it comes to building your foundation. Hunter is from Poland were they planned to breed him, he was not for sale. After we seen how beautiful he was and that he was breed quality in Europe already, we talked the owner into sending him to the US. I was so excited when I picked him up, felt just like the boy on The Red Fern Grows when he got his coon hounds lol. We got to work right away working on imprinting. By then we were already guiding hunts on the family ranch so Hunter got right after it, like riding a bike. I was worried how he'd do with whitetail considering he was tracking stags in Poland, but he had an awesome tracking season! 

Our Females:

We have two females that we imported from Slovakia, Nya & Niva. They are the only females I know of in the USA that are AKC, UKC, & FCI Certified. Both females track and had their health checks.

My Original, RIP:

We were on a three year waiting list to get a pup from Dave Seeley from New York. I had been researching the breed and the various Bavarian Mountain Hound breeders in the US and abroad. Dave called me one day and said he had a hand picked pup that he was going to train for himself but could no longer pull it off from a personal injury. My wife and I packed up our kids and headed to New York that night! We started RIP's  training as soon as we got him home and in his first year, he did 49 tracks when he was under 1 year old!!! Rip no longer breeds but he'll always be that special dog in my heart. He has developed a name here in PA and has been nicknamed "The Legend". He still tracks a lot and keeps the young pups in line lol. LET IT RIP!!!!!


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PA State Record Archery Typical Bull

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