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Bavarian Mountain Hound Pup - $3,000

Deposits - $500 *nonrefundable 


Training Tiers (includes dog)

Bronze Tier - $5k

Silver Tier - $7.5

Gold Tier - $10k

Bronze Tier
Puppy is started on blood trails as we nurture & increase the puppy’s predator drive & interest in wounded game. Then we add tracking shoes with deer hooves and deer hide drags which trains the dog to follow hoof gland and deer scent so the dog experiences more of the scents involved with a real track, then graduate to tracks where the blood is more spread out, teaching the dog to rely on hoof gland scent and body scent between blood. 

Silver Tier:
Continuation after Bronze training into more advanced artificial tracks. Depending on available real tracks via our hunting ranch or tracking calls from outside the ranch, pup could potentially be exposed to real tracks.


Gold Tier:
Continuation after Silver training… The dog has done multiple real tracks and the owner can have confidence that the dog can be used in the field effectively.

*We ask that all future owners who choose to have their dog trained, come stay at Quest Haven Lodge for two day (one night) to track with Torey & your new tracking dog to learn the dog and help make a smooth transition for your new tracker. It's not mandatory but recommended to promote a soft release to the new owner and for the new owner to learn about their tracking hound.

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